VALGUARD offers a wide variety of uniformed and/or plain clothed guard services for various events such as weddings, private parties, formal receptions, private auctions, movie shoots, Galas, ceremonies, lectures, festivals, conferences, etc. We provide exquisite security guards as well as: concierge, valet parking, pickup, and delivery of valuables by an Armored Car, Safe rental, access screening, VIP close protection, and emergency response. Let our trained guards be at your disposal during your event. For a perfect event and for your peace of mind – use our outstanding guard force. Our guards shall provide you with Deterrence, Prevention, Discretion, Response, Control, and Support when you need them most. Please contact us to get more details [email protected]


Having us provide security at your special day can save you a lot of headache. Instead of worrying about the gifts and presents throughout the event, or assigning the task of safekeeping to one of your relatives, schedule a secure pickup by an armored car, our armed guards will relieve your worries and will deliver the sealed parcels to the place of your choice when it suits you. If you have already thought far enough ahead to look or assign designated drivers for some of your guests (which we can also provide), assign a designated guard to help keep the peace and order around the Bar and elsewhere as may be needed.